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When Sam got back from her still being played out adventures in petty vandalism, she planned on kicking back with some leftover mammoth and enjoying some of the weirder videos people submitted to the iCarly website.

Seriously, she couldn't believe some of the stuff people wanted to put online. Sure, it didn't beat out running megafauna off a cliff, but then, few things did.

When Carly messaged to v-chat, well, that was just frosting on Sam's cupcake-y day.

"Holy crap!" Carly said when Sam's webcam clicked on. "Sam, that rib is taller than you!"

"I know," Sam said happily. "Isn't it awesome? This is grade a wooly mammoth right here."

Carly pouted. "Just because I believe in Bigfoot doesn't mean I'm going to fall for 'this is a wooly mammoth rib'."

Sam gave a long suffering sigh. "One of these days, I'm gonna prove it to you."

"Sure you will," Carly said. "Anyway, that's not what I messaged you for. You have to check out this v-mail I got. I'm forwarding it to you, now."

Curious, Sam set the enormous rib bone she was gnawing on aside and clicked open the v-mail in question. As she watched, her eyes got wider and wider.

"Ohmigosh," she said.

"I know," said Carly.

"Sweet chiz on a pickle!"

"I know!"

"Hannah Montana?!"

"I know!" Carly beamed. "You totally have to get me her autograph."

"Wait, she's coming here? To Fandom?"

"Her agent said Fandom would work better. Something about less crowds."

"I hope she likes snow," Sam mused. "OH MY GOSH HANNAH MONTANA IS COMING TO DO ICARLY."

After that, things mostly devolved into bouncing around squealing. Over v-chat. With a giant rib bone.

[ooc: door is closed, post is open, and squeals of joy are likely audible up and down the hall. HM's agent gently modded with permission.]
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