Jun. 20th, 2011

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Sam had handwavily spent most of the day on Sunday laying out snares in the woods in hopes of snagging a gremlin. Sure, their episode of "iCarly" had been rather well watched, and sure, the fan wars over whether it was a piece of crap or completely genius were really entertaining, but there was a principle to be upheld, here. No one stole Freddie's stuff but Sam.

Besides, she didn't think much of the blonde wigged gremlin's imitation of her.

Now she was back, checking on her traps. She let the chipmunk that had managed to get its foot caught in one of the smaller ones go -- after attempting to have an argument with it -- then finally found one with a gremlin in it.

"You think you're so smart," she told it. "Stealing equipment, randomly dancing. Who's the smart one, now?"

The gremlin lunged at her, biting her on the wrist. She snarled and did the same thing she did when Frothy tried to bite her.

She bit it back.

[ooc: because this idea HAD to get used in game somewhere. NFI, another post for gremlin-bit Sam will be going up momentarily.]


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