Dec. 11th, 2011

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Sam had gotten bored of the toadstools, and frankly, the D&D thing just seemed way too nubbish for her style, so after some deliberation, she'd wandered off. She figured if this place had giant mushrooms in it, it would surely have some sort of catchable game, too.

She didn't get far before the toadstools thinned out, and she found herself instead standing on a landing in a very tall stairwell.

As you do )

[NFI. Sam has found herself in the nonexistent nineteenth story from the Wayside School series.]
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"Alright, class!" said Miss Zarves. "It's dictionary time!"

Virginia cheered. Sam woke up from her nap.

"What? Is it lunch?"

"What's lunch?" asked Nick. Sam stared at him, appalled, then looked at Virginia.

"We have to get lunch," she said. "It's a law or something. I demand lunch!"

Yeah, 'cause that'll work )

It was a jungly elsewhere, a sharp, mountainy jungly elsewhere. A wild pig blasted out of the underbrush near her, squealing in terror.

"Kill the pig!" A chorus of voices chanted. "Cut her throat! Drink her blood!"

Sam nodded to herself. "Now this is more like it."

[ooc: NFI. Sam is now in Lord of the Flies. Be afraid. Be very afraid.]
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Sam had taken her time making her way back up to her room from Special Collections, still rather muddy, with war paint streaks on her cheeks, her spear clutched in her hand.

She was going to miss that wacky little pig hunting island.

She made it back to her room and immediately booted up her computer, checking to see if it could get an internet connection, and then heading to to make sure it had come back properly, then sent Carly a v-chat request.

Carly answered right away, looking amused. "What are you wearing?"

Sam smiled broadly, hugging her spear. All was right in her world.

[ooc: expecting one, but also open]


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