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Sam had gotten bored of the toadstools, and frankly, the D&D thing just seemed way too nubbish for her style, so after some deliberation, she'd wandered off. She figured if this place had giant mushrooms in it, it would surely have some sort of catchable game, too.

She didn't get far before the toadstools thinned out, and she found herself instead standing on a landing in a very tall stairwell.

". . . Please tell me I just woke up in a building in Seattle. I would love you forever if I just woke up in a building in Seattle." No, she didn't know who she was talking to, either. She heard yelling from down the stairs and peered over, spotting a couple of fourth grader sized kids racing up the stairs towards her. "Hey! You two! Where are we?!" The kids ignored her, so Sam yelled louder. The kids just kept running right at her. "Don't think I won't -- ooof!" The kids slammed into her, mid-threat, then dashed off again without even saying they were sorry. "That's it! You little snots!" She ran after them, but after four or five flights, the kids were still running strong and she was too tired to care any more. "Whatever!" she yelled at them. "You guys are losers! 'Ooo, running up the stairs is so fun, oo!'" she mocked as she headed back down the stairs. "'Ooo, look at me, I'm a little chiz-head, ooo!'"

A tall woman opened the door on one of the landings -- there was only one door on each -- looking severe. "Shush!" she scolded. "This is a school, not a playground!"

Sam raised her eyebrow. "This is a school?"

"Yes, and I demand you stop making all that racket this instant and go back to class."

"What class?" Sam asked. "It's Saturday."

"That's enough nonsense out of you, young lady. You keep that up, and you won't get your A for the day."

"Oh no," Sam said dryly. "I'm so terrified."

"Right then, come with me."

Sam looked around. She didn't see any obvious way back to the toadstools, so she shrugged and followed.

"Now," said the woman, once they were through the door and into what looked like a perfectly ordinary elementary school classroom, save for the fact that there was a cow in it. "What's your name?"

"Sam," said Sam.

"Class, please meet Sam. She's new! I hope you'll all make her feel very welcome."

The class all chimed in with a "Hi Sam!" and Sam waved.

"Sam, you'll join Virginia, Nick, and Ben's group, over there. Virginia, you'll help Sam get settled, right? Virginia's my best student."

"Of course!" said Virginia, who looked like she'd be more at home hanging out with Freddie's Mom than in an elementary school. "Miss Zarves is my favorite teacher," she told Sam.

"I'm beginning to see why they call this place dangerous," Sam noted.

"What was that?" Nick asked. He looked more like he was Sam's age, though that was about all he had going for him.

"Wow, dude, ever hear of a razor?" Sam turned to the third member of the little group. "Ben, right? What's a shrimp like you doing with Scruffy McPeachfuzz and the old lady, here?"

"My name's Mark," said Mark.

"I thought it was Ben," said Sam.

"That's just what everyone calls me."

"Oooookay then."

"Alright, class," said Miss Zarves. She was standing in front of the cow by the chalk board. "Everyone get out your notebooks and list the numbers zero through a million in alphabetical order."

"Yay!" said Virginia.

Sam put her head down on her desk to take a nap.

[NFI. Sam has found herself in the nonexistent nineteenth story from the Wayside School series.]

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