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It's not a bandwagon if it's not for an individual character, nyeah!

She’s Sam ([ profile] hurtingzeebo) and he’s Freddie ([ profile] randomspanish), and they are iCarly! . . . ‘s fandom contingent!

Let’s review, shall we?

What is iCarly?

iCarly is the web series put together by Sam, Freddie, and their friend Carly back in Seattle, devoted to putting on all the stuff that kids want to see that adults generally don't approve of. You know, like awesome talents like playing the trumpet while bouncing up and down on a pogo stick, ridiculous dance steps, and games that involve sitting in food. The show is primarily made up of Sam, Carly, and their friends on camera doing very random things that they’ve in theory rehearsed ahead of time, but, welllllll. . . . [ profile] randomspanish and I usually just pull it off on the fly.

iCarly is extremely popular in Sam and Freddie's universe, with appeal that manages to span demographics and gather rampant fanage from folks in multitudinous walks of life. Their fandom is large and vocal enough to include shipwars. Canonically.

Anyway. So. Web variety show, with two of the stars (well, Sam would say one star and one tech nub) in attendance right here in Fandom. Fun for everybody!

iCarly in Fandom

So, as you’ve hopefully seen, Sam and Freddie are continuing to work on iCarly on a transcontinental (and transdimensional) basis, even though Carly stayed behind in Seattle with her brother and the iCarly studio. Some weeks may get handwaved, but we’re going to do our best to at least get the beginnings of a show up every Friday, hopefully not always after 10 PM EST.

You can see an example of what these broadcasts might look like here.

The posts for the broadcasts will usually be in the first floor rec room or the park, though will occasionally end up somewhere else, especially if we have something planned ahead of time with another character. We love to get other characters involved! As you can see above, there will always be a guest star thread for people (not just Jack!) to wander into. We’ve also had pre-taped segments with other characters as well as spontaneous wanderings-in, and really, just about anything goes. Just be aware that odds are, it will be very, very random. And potentially traumatizing, should Freddie someday fail to talk Sam out of trying to bring back the Bikini Dog Food Fight.

What might a person do on iCarly? It could be anything! Show off a talent! Wear a random costume! Perform in a pathetic play! Randomly dance! Listen to a ghost story told by a bra! Play Wake Up, [Your Character’s Name Here]! Show off a prank you played on a friend! Challenge someone to a meatball fight (please note, the producers of iCarly are not liable for any loss in a meatball fight due to Sam eating all of the ammunition)!

The possibilities are endless. I only wish I could find better quality clips on YouTube to show you all more examples.

So, how do you get involved then? Simple! You can either sign up here, contact me ([ profile] hurtingzeebo) or Freddie-mun ([ profile] randomspanish) via your method of choice, or just wander into a broadcast post.

We would also love to find something similar to the Student Council Debates to host.

Questions? Comments? Bad puns?
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