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Sam had been rudely awoken that morning by a guard yelling "PUCKETT! LOOK ALIVE!" in her ear.

The day had gone downhill from there.

Sam was still half convinced this was all a long, horrible dream. She was in juvie -- not an entirely unknown experience, but apparently everyone thought she'd been here for years this time. Her fellow inmates cowered in terror and moved obsequiously out of her way in the cafeteria, and the guards seemed to only bother to communicate with her in short, irritated yells.

She very, very quickly decided that she was going to have to bust herself out. She managed to get herself a chicken bone in the cafeteria, and spent much of the day gnawing the thing into a decent lock picking point, then sat around in the recreational room, glaring about at her fellow juvenile delinquents while she waited for an opportunity to use it.

Her moment came just after lights out. She could be very sneaky when she put her mind to it, and three locked doors and one flipped guard later, she was finally free, standing outside the back of the building in her orange jumpsuit and wondering what the hell she should do next.

There was only one place to go. She had to find Carly.

[ooc: Wheeee, canon AU. Establishy.]
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Carly sat on her couch, a pamphlet in her hands, pouting down at it. Sam lay back next to her, her feet over the back edge, examining her toes.

"How much do you wanna bet I can play Violin Hero with my feet?" Sam asked.

cut for dialog and an eensy bit of spontaneous sculpture combustion )

[ooc: NFB what with not in Fandom yet. For the canon-mate.]
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I'll get to my other kids, later, but first, the new girl.

Meet Sam Puckett, the rough and tumble internet star with a heart of -- well, pyrite, at the very least.

The basics )

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The webshow, and what it means to you )

In the meantime, this post is open for questions, comments, and offers of new victims targets chumps friends? for Sam to target with a prank or two.


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