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And while I'm logged in and procrastinating on cleaning doing adminly type things, I should make this game-wide official:

Sam Puckett has ever so quietly swanned off from the island, never to return. Her court-ordered private school education has run out, and the judge determined that her single detention at Fandom was a clear sign that she was properly rehabilitated (ha!), so she's headed home to Seattle to reunite with her BFF. Since Sam sucks at friendship and forethought, she totally neglected to tell anyone she was leaving.

Silly little sociopath.

Anyway, I'd intended to put up a farewell post last weekend, but that fell through primarily due to Death Cold 2012, so she's heading out in a handwavey fashion. Many apologies to anyone who would have wanted to say good-bye, it just didn't work out that way.

My other characters on the island (Vincent, Pinkie Pie, and soon-to-be-arriving Arietty) are totally still around. I loved playing Sam, but her muse has left me. It's hard to maintain that kind of attitude. . . .
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Okay, so. I've been trying to push this off for ages, but I should probably just give it up, here.

We are super busy at work. Like, ridiculously busy. Busy enough that it's taken me an hour to write these two paragraphs. Busy enough that by the time I get home the last thing I want to do is look at a computer for anything other than Zoo Borns. We have been for a few days, which is why I haven't done a whole lot anyway (apologies for anyone hoping for a ping from one of my characters who hasn't gotten one), but it's looking like we're going to be that way for a while, since on Monday we'll be getting Obama's 2013 Budget Proposal, which is something that will take at least two days of intense work to deal with.

So this is my official notice to you all that I might be even more absent than usual in the game. This applies to [ profile] hurtingzeebo, [ profile] notmyownage, [ profile] locointhecoco, [ profile] gastronomistic, and [ profile] zoocitizen.

Just so's ya know.
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It's not a bandwagon if it's not for an individual character, nyeah!

She’s Sam ([ profile] hurtingzeebo) and he’s Freddie ([ profile] randomspanish), and they are iCarly! . . . ‘s fandom contingent!

Let’s review, shall we?

What is iCarly? )

iCarly in Fandom )

So, how do you get involved then? Simple! You can either sign up here, contact me ([ profile] hurtingzeebo) or Freddie-mun ([ profile] randomspanish) via your method of choice, or just wander into a broadcast post.

We would also love to find something similar to the Student Council Debates to host.

Questions? Comments? Bad puns?
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So. You quite possibly didn't notice, but Sam has turned into a honey badger as of last night! [ profile] randomspanish and [ profile] exactlyaverage have modding privileges. This is because in the next few hours, I will be heading off for a week's vacation to the land of much, much less exciting surfing, the Delaware coast. The Atlantic beckons, and while I will likely have internet access at the beach house where I'll be staying, I haven't had a vacation this long in years, and I'll likely be madly doing anything but rping.

Claudia will be heading off to do a week of inventorying in the Warehouse in order to try and find something to blunt her still sharpened teeth. Pinkie and Vincent will be around, but very quiet. In theory at least, they will still post their weekly obligations.

So that's [ profile] hurtingzeebo, [ profile] notmyownage, [ profile] gastronomistic and [ profile] locointhecoco, off to have adventures. See you all on the flip side!
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So it took me far too long to get around to doing this but. So, Sam ([ profile] hurtingzeebo) and Freddie ([ profile] randomspanish) are internet stars, from the hit teenie-bopper web comedy sketch show iCarly! And they'd love to help your character become one, too!

Okay, so Sam wants to do so via public humiliation. That's just how she rolls.

What is iCarly? A (very) basic run down )

iCarly in Fandom )

So, how do you get involved then? Simple! You can either sign up here, contact me ([ profile] hurtingzeebo) or Freddie-mun ([ profile] randomspanish) via your method of choice, or just find a fun spot in a broadcast post to wander into.

Questions? Comments? Bad puns?
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I'll get to my other kids, later, but first, the new girl.

Meet Sam Puckett, the rough and tumble internet star with a heart of -- well, pyrite, at the very least.

The basics )

The footnotes )

The webshow, and what it means to you )

In the meantime, this post is open for questions, comments, and offers of new victims targets chumps friends? for Sam to target with a prank or two.
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